Parish Newsletters 1898-1919

The first parish magazine for Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford was published in January 1898 by the Reverend William Henry Price, who had become Vicar the previous year. It was called, Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey with Aldington, & S John Baptist, Wickhamford and lasted until December 1905. It cost one penny a month and was printed at The Journal and Advertiser Office, Bridge Street, Evesham. Copies of all the magazines are available, with the exception of the very first issue, January 1898.

In 1904, William Carmont Allsebrook became Vicar and introduced a new magazine, Badsey with Aldington & Wickhamford Parochial Magazine, from January 1906. This ran until June 1919. The price remained at one penny a month until 1918 when the cost rose to twopence. The printer is given as W & H Smith Ltd, The Journal Press (this is the same printing company as for the earlier magazines - brothers, William and Henry Smith had founded The Evesham Journal in 1860; they are in no way connected to the famous stationers, W H Smith). Copies of all the magazines are available, with the exception of September 1914, when it is thought that no magazine was produced, presumably because, with the outbreak of the First World War on 4th August, people had other things on their minds.

From July 1919 until January 1948 there are no magazines in existence that we know of. Reverend Allsebrook remained as Vicar until 1945 but, from about mid 1919 onwards, neglected many administrative duties. He did not maintain the baptism, marriage and burial registers, so it is unlikely that he found the time to produce a magazine.