W C Allsebrook’s career in the church

A collection of 19 documents relating to Allsebrook’s career. William gained a BA in 1891 from Jesus College, Oxford, and an MA in 1895. He was ordained a deacon in 1891 and a priest in 1892. From 1891-1893 he was Curate of Great Crosby; from 1893-1894 at Sephton; from 1894-1897 at Stratford-on-Avon. He was Chaplain at Jesus College, Oxford from 1897-1900, Senior Procurator at Oxford 1899-1900, Chaplain of Christ Church, Oxford, from 1897-1903, and New College, Oxford, from 1899-1903. In 1903, he became Vicar of Badsey and Wickhamford, and remained there until 1945. He was also Rural Dean of Evesham from 1931-1945, and Honorary Canon of Worcester Cathedral from 1930-1946.