History on your Doorstep


Looks at the history of houses, why some villages have remained whilst others have disappeared or grown into towns and cities; concentrates on the pattern change from open fields to enclosed land, from village to town or city. Published in conjunction with the BBC television series, History on your Doorstep, first transmitted on BBC2 from January 1982.

Author: J R Ravensdale
Publisher: British Broadcasting Corporation
Year Created: 1982
Publication Date/Date Made: 1982
Physical Characteristics (Dimension): 18.5 cm x 21.7 cm
Physical Characteristics (Description): 152-page book with card cover
Donor or Creator of Records: Wendy Gwynn
Provenance: From the library of Wendy Gwynn
Nature of Acquisition: Gift
Accession Date: February 2012
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Reference: 2317/B/GH