Evesham Journal 1960-1968 - History of Evesham Horticulture (manuscripts in folder)


Blue folder with label saying Evesham Journal on front and HISTORY OF EVESHAM HORTICULTURE in black pen. Contains carbon copies of manuscripts submitted to The Journal in the 1960s for its History of Evesham Horticulture Series and annual Horticultural Supplements, a few handwritten notes, plus correspondence between Sidwell and the Editor, Clarke: (i) Handwritten list of articles in the History of Evesham Horticulture series; (ii) Introduction to the series with handwritten note saying, "Sidwell, Please phone me if there's anything wrong with this - to appear this week, Clarke"; (iii) In the Beginning; (iv) Physical Factors of Importance; (v) Richard Varden of Seaford Grange; (vi) Mid 19th Century Developments at Evesham; (vii) Joseph Masters; (viii) The Effects of New Ideas on the real Evesham Gardeners; (ix) The Coming of Glass to the Vale; (x) The Spread to the Villages; (xi) Letter dated 30th September 1961 from Sidwell to Clarke concerning a slight error in a table showing the number of market gardeners; (xii) More About the Early Days at Badsey; (xiii) James Myatt and his Influence - Early Days at Deptford, Camberwell; (xiv) James Myatt and his Influence - Work at Offenham; (xv) History of the Asparagus Crop - Early History; (xvi) Carbon copy of letter dated 1st January 1962 from Sidwell to Clarke enclosing his second asparagus article and asking for a note to be inserted in The Journal; (xvii) History of the Asparagus Crop - Asparagus at Evesham in the 18th & 19th Centuries; (xviii) Letter dated 26th January 1962 from Clarke to Sidwell concerning a meeting about the Horticultural Supplement to be published on 23rd March; (xix) Vale Horticulture Through a Wide Angle Lens; (xx) The Decimal System in Horticulture; (xxi) DDT and All That; (xxii) Asparagus Crop at Evesham in the 20th Century; (xxiii) Back to Bernardi; (xxiv) More about the 18th Century; (xxv) John Haines, An Appreciation - with a handwritten note in red ink saying "This was cut"; (xxvi) New Crops in the Vale, The Story of the Carnation; The Challenge of Asparagus; (xxvii) Letter dated 8th January 1963 from Clarke to Sidwell about a meeting; (xxviii) Carbon copy of letter dated 14th January 1964 from Sidwell to Clarke with suggestions for a questionnaire; (xxix) Letter dated 10th January 1964 from Clarke to Sidwell requesting a meeting; (xxx) Spotlight on Horticultural Education; (xxxi) Thoughts on Plums; (xxxii) The Changing Tools; (xxxiii) Respect for Tradition; (xxxiv) Carbon copy of letter dated 2nd November 1964 from Sidwell to Clarke about Simon de Montfort; (xxxv) The History of the Brussels Sprout; (xxxvi) Carbon copy of letter dated 19th January 1965 from Sidwell to Bill; (xxxvii) The Nursery Trade – dated 12th January 1966; (xxxviii) Carbon copy of letter to the Editor about Mr Burrows, Head Gardener at Hidcote Manor dated 27th March 1966; (xxxix) How I Manage My Garden; (xl) Land Utilisation at Evesham; (xli) How profitable are Dessert Apples?

Year Created: 1960-1968
Publication Date/Date Made: 1960-1968
Physical Characteristics (Dimension): 25 cm x 35 cm
Physical Characteristics (Description): Blue cardboard folder containing many sheets of manuscript typed on 20.3 cm x 25.5 cm paper
Supporting Information:

Although the handwritten index at the front seems to indicate that (7) Influence of George Byrd and (19) Diaries of James Hall are contained in the folder, they are not included. They are, however, in other items in the archive.

Donor or Creator of Records: Margaret Satchell
Provenance: Margaret Satchell was Ron Sidwell's neighbour and executor of his will
Nature of Acquisition: Gift
Accession Date: 2010
Access Conditions: Contact Archive Manager
Reference: 2400/RS/A/EJ/X