Evesham Journal 1974-1975 - Old Cottage Garden Flowers and Best Gardens series (manuscripts in folder)


Folder containing manuscripts for the Old Cottage Garden Flowers (1974-1975) and Best Gardens (1974) series in The Evesham Journal. Old Cottage Garden Flowers: (i) A variety of perfumes; (ii) Hellebores; (iii) The other gilloflowers; (iv) Monkshood or Wolfsbane; (v) Old cottage garden flowers; (vi) Paeonies; (vii) The edging of knots; (viii) The gladiolus; (ix) Bears' Ears; (x) Naked ladies; (xi) Chrysanthemums; (xii) The Amaranths; (xiii) A selection of annuals; (xiv) Buttercups and daisies; (xv) Gilloflowers; (xvi) The flower of the Madonna; (xvii) The hyacinth; (xviii) The lobelias. Best Gardens: (xix) The Garden of Hidcote Manor (stapled to a letter of 5th March 1974 from Sidwell to C W Clarke, Evesham Journal); (xx) Rousham House; (xxi) Compton Wynyates; (xxii) Fairlawns, Bishop’s Cleeve; (xxiii) The Priory, Kemerton; (xxiv) Kiftsgate Court; (xxv) Orchard Cottage, Gretton; (xxvi) Pusey House; (xxvii) Kew Gardens; (xxviii) Westbury Court Garden; (xxix) Gardens of historic buildings (xxx); (xxxi) The Onion at War.

Year Created: 1974-1975
Publication Date/Date Made: 1974-1975
Physical Characteristics (Dimension): 24 cm x 34.5 cm
Physical Characteristics (Description): Beige cardboard folder containing typed manuscripts
Supporting Information:

The last three articles only survive in manuscript form.

Donor or Creator of Records: Margaret Satchell
Provenance: Margaret Satchell was Ron Sidwell's neighbour and executor of his will
Nature of Acquisition: Gift
Accession Date: 2010
Access Conditions: Contact Archive Manager
Reference: 2404/RS/A/EJ/X