Evesham Journal 1978 - Answers to Gardening Questions (manuscripts in folder)


Folder containing manuscripts for the Answers to Gardening Questions series (1978-1979): (i) What to Plant Where? (ii) Beds, Borders and Gardens; (iii) Ground Cover; (iv) Can they be moved? (v) Perfume; (vi) The place for climbers; (vii) Lacecaps; (viii) Water Gardens; (ix) Bindweeds; (x) Wind and Wind Breaks; (xi) In Praise of Box; (xii) The Autumn Garden; (xiii) Conifers; (xiv) The not so hardy climbers; (xv) Some big plants for big places; (xvi) The flowers of Shakespeare.

Year Created: 1978-1979
Publication Date/Date Made: 1978-1979
Physical Characteristics (Dimension): 24 cm x 34.5 cm
Physical Characteristics (Description): Orange cardboard folder containing typed manuscripts
Donor or Creator of Records: Margaret Satchell
Provenance: Margaret Satchell was Ron Sidwell's neighbour and executor of his will
Nature of Acquisition: Gift
Accession Date: 2010
Access Conditions: Contact Archive Manager
Reference: 2406/RS/A/EJ/X