1991-92 - Correspondence with Doreen Agutter about Meriden


Correspondence with Mrs Doreen Agutter of Rodwell, 263 Station Road, Balsall Common, Coventry, concerning her history of Meriden which Sidwell had ordered. Contains: (i) Letter dated 23rd April 1991 from Mrs Agutter to Sidwell; (ii) Letter dated 26th April 1991 from Sidwell to Mrs Agutter about his childhood home at Alspath Hall; (iii) Letter dated 30th May 1991 from Mrs Agutter to Sidwell; (iv) Letter dated 2nd June 1991 from Sidwell to Mrs Agutter; (v) Letter dated 6th January 1992 from Sidwell to Mrs Agutter.

Year Created: 1991-1992
Publication Date/Date Made: 23rd April 1991-6th January 1992
Donor or Creator of Records: Margaret Satchell
Provenance: Margaret Satchell was Ron Sidwell's neighbour and executor of his will
Nature of Acquisition: Gift
Accession Date: 2010
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Reference: 2470/RS/M/X