History Workshop Centre Newsletter 4


A booklet containing essays, reviews and reports by members of the History Workshop Centre for Social History, Ruskin College, Oxford. Includes articles on the strategies of survival adopted by women in the absence of men during World War I (Chris Saunders); the patriotic sentiments of history textbooks during the inter-war period (Jack Horn); a plea for the politicisation of the history syllabus (Stephen Day). A collection of essays on the gathering of information for the census: an enquiry into the various reasons for which the census was taken in England and Wales during the 19th century (Edward Higgs); some facts about the life of a rural postwoman, a commentary on an extract from the report of the Registrar General in 1891, an interview with an enumerator (Edward Pope); the tedious obstacles that impede the progress of the census (James Thirsk); the purposes to which the census is applied by political lobbies in Nigeria (Chief Obafemi Awolowo). Other articles are: an appreciation of a recent work on the history of women's employment (Bridget Hill); an examination of the relation between patriotism and social class (Mark Dapin); an interview with Winifred Dawson, a clergyman's daughter, giving her memories of childhood in middle-class Liverpool at the turn of the century.

Author: Simon Binney, Robert King, Edward Pope, Abebe Zegeye (editors)
Publisher: Elvery Dowers Publications
Year Created: 1986
Publication Date/Date Made: Spring 1986
Physical Characteristics (Dimension): 14.5 cm x 21 cm
Physical Characteristics (Description): 136-page, bound pamphlet with cardboard cover
Donor or Creator of Records: Wendy Gwynn
Provenance: From the library of Wendy Gwynn
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